Removalist cost for moving short distances (12km)

Just trying to get an idea of what it would cost to move/ hire a removalist to move a house (family of 4) from a county area 12 km outside of Zhubei into one of the newer condos there.

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Depends how big the truck is. I had a quote recently for $5000. Small blue truck with driver 10 hours.

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Distance is immaterial (up to a point).

The going rate per truck/trip is 3000.

I’m sure Steven the mover will tell you (he probably charges slightly more).

I had friends rent their own blue truck for $500/hr. But then it becomes DIY moving and driving

quotes vary, depending if you are moving heavy stuff (e.g. fridge and washing machine ), if there is an elevator or not etc.
i was quoted 3,500 per truck (3.5 ton truck).
if you speak some Chinese, i recommend a company called taipeimover (誠品搬家)
you can send their Line account pics of the stuff, and the addresses and they give you a quote.