Removing header from pdf

How do you remove an unseen header from a pdf? Specifically, I’m trying to remove “i.r.s. specifications to be removed before printing” from their form TD F 90-22.1. It only appears when I try to print the document, I can’t see it anywhere else (in acrobat reader 9.) It doesn’t even appear in the “print preview” window in the Print dialog before I print.

You won’t be able to do it with Adobe Reader - what you need is Adobe Acrobat.

That’s what it took to get it done in the end. Easily an hour wasted trying to figure it out.

Thanks Taffy, a big middle finger to the irs.

Government agencies and proprietary software: a match made in hell. Or, in this case, Washington.

Acrobat distiller may also help, but acrobat pro is far more useful.

close enough.