Renew ARC while Abroad

I need to renew my ARC (JFRV) soon and I won’t be able to come back to Taiwan at that time. Have someone tried to renew the ARC by another person (providing I send my current ARC and passport to them by mail)?
On the application form, it seems that I can authorize someone to do it for me.

Someone already succeed doing like this?

What happened? I am in the same situation
Did you send it via mail application?

You can give someone power of attorney to do it for you. Call NIA and get them to email you the forms. They were posted here a while ago but can’t remember where.

I’m now in a similar situation (reviving this thread instead of starting a new one - this comes up on lots of searches). I emailed my local TECO who were very unhelpful, they just pointed me to the general ARC renewal information page. All it says on the ARC page is that if someone else is doing it for me then they need a letter of authorization. Does this entail anything specific? Is there any way to do ARC application by mail? Are there any courier companies that could do the application for me so I don’t have to make a friend spend all day at the NIA? Sorry for all the questions - if anyone has done this before and has ideas they’re much appreciated.