Renewing ARC

The time is coming to renew my 3 yr. ARC which is a marriage to ROC citizen based ARC. What do I have to do to renew it?

Get a official COPY of your wife’s Household Registration document at the local Household Registration Office. Obtain a copy of your wife’s ID card. Make a copy of your passport data page(s).

Take these items with your passport down to the relevant Police Dept., Foreign Affairs Dept. Fill out a form. A new three year ARC will cost NT$ 3000.

If your passport expires within this three year period, the Police will no doubt make the validity of your ARC to the date of the expiry of your passport, and state that they will further extend it when you get a new passport. Actaully, there is no law about that. In such a case, you should have someone file an administrative appeal to get the full three year validity.