Renewing ARC

This must have been covered somewhere before but I can’t find it so, cap in hand:

My ARC, based on an MOEA-issued work permit, is expiring this month. I want to renew. What’s the procedure?

  1. Get copy of new contract (I presume)
  2. …?

It is the employer who deals with these matters, not the employee.


I just renewed mine based on the MOEA, although I’m still waiting on a shaddow appliacation with the CLA.

Anyway, yes, your company needs to do the leg work in renewing your work permit with the MOEA. However, it is not necessary for your employer to renew your ARC for you, although they can if they want to stand in line at the police station. My employer gave me the following two weeks ago, and I successfully renewed my ARC at the police station by myself:

  • original copy of the new work permit for them to see
  • a photocopy of the new work permit
  • a photocopy of your ARC (both sides)
  • a photocopy of your passport
  • a chopped certificate from your employer entitled “work certificate” stating that you are working

Although this is what was required, the lady at the counter didn’t care to see the work certificate or the original work permit. As usual, be prepared for the worst, but don’t expect them to follow their own rules consistently.


You’d better be quick. You need to get the health certificate again and that takes a week, so get down to the hospital.


thanks Jeremy
that’s everything I needed to know.

Thankfully (Bu Lai En) my line of work (MOEA) doesn’t require stool samples.