Renewing JFRV ARC

My JFRV ARC will expire soon.
What are the procedures for renewing?
What documents are needed?
Any and all help is appreciated.

Go to the foreign affairs cops.
Take your ARC, your passport, a copy of your wife’s household registration document with your name added to it in the “remarks” section, and NT$3,000 (for a 3-year ARC). That’s it.

Any update on this given the recent changes? There have been a LOT of changes in the past two years since this …

I’m about to redo mine JFVR for renewal, but I’m trying to get a heads up BEFORE I go to the police office in Panchiao…

Do I still go there?

Bit out of touch! Woops!


Im going tomorrow. Wife says it’s not in the same place. Will let you know.

Thanks for any headsup that you can give me!

Do I still need an HIV test? I remember three years ago, and every time before that, I did.

In fact, the old regs stated 2 pictures, a current passport, an ARC card, a blood test, and a copy of the family book, along with cash and an application form.

Mmm… Wonder what’s changed.


You don’t go to the police. You now need to go to the National Immigration Agency. In Banqiao it very close to the old foreign affairs police. Other side fothe road a couple of hundred metres in the direction of Zhonghe.


I found some information thanks to the tip about the National Immigration Agency. This is the PDF handbook link.

One copy of application form
Residence visa
Transcript of spouse’s domiciliary register (issued within the recent 3 months with record of marriage registration)
Two 1" front, hatless, bust photo, taken recently
Fee for certificate (NT$1,000 for one-year validity)

Let’s see if that’s what is the current rule!

Yup, just got back. Min Ju Rd #168. If you were standing in front of the old police station looking at the gas station, you would go left, cross to the other side of street and walk down the road.

Very nice folks.

Yup, and 500NT for a new ARC if yours is as ragged as mine was.

Pick the new one up a week from today.

I did it last month. I brought my passport, my ARC, and a copy of the household registration. They didn’t even look at the household registration, and just stamped the back of my ARC and put a new re-entry sticker in my passport. I only got 2 years though, because my passport expires in 2 years. From start to finish it took less than 5 minutes.

No health test, either.

click photo to go to location in Google Maps

I think you were very lucky. I’ve been to the NIA there a couple of times recently and there’s been waits of 1/2 hr to an hour (although I have gone just before 12).


Oh sure, I waited 20 minutes for my number to be called, but the processing time itself was less than 5 minutes.

I just extended my JFRV ARC in Tainan County. Short wait, just required the household registration document, passport, ARC, and money. The NIA website says you need your wedding certificate, but they didn’t bother with that.

Very little English spoken - but considering everyone else there was Thai, Vietnamese or mainland Chinese, it’s not surprising.

I extended my JFRV ARC on Friday. Loooong wait - an hour and a half, but we got there just before lunch, so there were less people working while they rotated lunch breaks. We made the mistake of bringing the “short version” of our household registration, and they needed the detailed version. After waiting an hour and a half, my wife had to hop in a cab and go to another gov’t office to get the detailed version. Oh well, I’m good until 2010 now!

updates on getting a JFRV ARC renewed, esp. if you are doing this in Panchaio Immigration office.

It’s 2" pictures you need. NOT 1". I had to go and get them reprinted. Complete waste of time as Photo shops are getting really scarce. In fact, it was much easier to pay my phone bill than to find a printshop.

You need one 2" recent photograph. Avoid having it retouched by the photographer. Mine was retouched, in fact, the retouching almost got my picture rejected!

Other than the photo issue, other info. seems correct. I will update this when it is done.

The location is #168 Min Tzu (or MinChu) Road in Panchaio. The atmosphere in the office is much better than a few years ago, a lot more friendly, and approachable, in general. I didn’t feel like I was being treated as a ‘criminal’ this time, for doing something within the law.

Still, the visa was processed quickly, but because it’s a new IC card (from 1st, July 2007), it will take two weeks to get it! I also forgot to ask about re-entry permits!

Hope that helps.

renewing in taoyuan is a farce at the present time. the office is packed with people on a daily basis, and the average turnaround time seems to be about 12-15 minutes per person. get there when it opens, or be prepared for a three hour wait.

you can always grab a number and then go out for a coffee (or three) before heading back to see where things are …

I did mine in Panchiao last week. Easy as pie. Picked up a week later, and I also had to make the run to get the correct housing form, but it was just down the street behind the baseball stadium.

Did you have to bother with photos? What items did you bring?

Best time of day to go, anyone?


I’ve already gone. No photos necessary. Just bring an official copy of your HH registration, and something proving your current address, (e.g. electric bill, homeownership papers, rental contract). I brought two forms of proof of address, and the clerk did look at them.

I waited about an hour, then got an extension on my JFRV through 2010. Easy.

Household Registration is proof of address already. I’ve never had to show anything in addition to that.