Renewing (sp?) a ARC through marriage

I was just wondering, how do I go about renewing my ARC when it expires. I got my ARC based on my marriage. Just wondering what documents do I need, what’s the process, etc? And do I need another CCRD?

You just go down to your FAP office. Fill out the ARC renewal/extension form. Pay NTD 3000 for the three year one (you can choose to do 1 year if you like). Wait about 15 minutes. You’re all done.

EDIT: I forgot that you need to bring your wife’s HRC to the police station. SO you go to that office first and then go to the FAP office.

[color=red]Just announced[/color]

Effective 12/12/2005, foreign spouse married to a ROC citizen has to come together to the NPA offices for the foreign spouse’s ARC application.

Bring the following documents:

  1. Residence Visa
  2. Front Page of your passport
  3. Marriage certificate

(Not clear however if this is also for renewals. Seems not but YMMV).

This is for first time applications only.

I’ve got to do this this month too: a renewal, that is. So is it confirmed then that my wife does not need to go with me, but only send me off with her HRC and a little cash? If anyone says yes, can you confirm that you have actually done this yourself recently and not simply gotten the news secondhand or over the phone? Cheers.

Confirmation, please. :rainbow:

Okay, I confirmed it myself. If you are renewing you do not need your spouse with you. You need one photo, one copy of HRC, NT3000, your passport and old ARC.

You can also make appointments to handle your case. I did it at the office (when the wait seemed too long) but you may be able to do it over the phone. Appointments are great.