Rent a coffee machine

hi, i’m opening a cafe but the cost of a barista is insane, does anyone know if they’re rented out or of an auction place. lots of cafes close down so i know they come up for sale reguarly.
i’ll check yahoo and stuff but if anyoine has a better suggestion, cheers

check out this thread[url]Making or Restoring an Espresso Coffee Machine
I went to the street suggested and found a few machines that were nice, but out of my price range. The stock looked to turn over all the time, so you may want to try there.

If you come across and old crapper that needs work I’d be interested.

I know Mr. He has the run down on the local scene for new machines, so you might want to PM him.

thanks a lot, i appreciate the help.
i owe ya a coffee or 3 when we open


Because the price is so prohibitive, some suppliers here will sell them on instalments. Works out to be a little more expensive in total, but the monthly payments are a lot more manageable than putting down $100-200k at once. Have a friend who outfitted his restaurant with a coffee machine and industrial dishwasher this way. You may want to inquire about it.

Good luck.

I have an ECM Giotto less than 2 years that I might consider selling to you. I am thinking about buying one of those one touch fully automatic types from Saeco.

Here is what industry renowned expert, David Schomer, owner of the world famous Espresso Vivace has to say about the Giotto,

Sad to admit it, but the sight of that machine has me on the edge of running to La Crema for a double-shot of the good stuff! That a beauty!

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is strong, super heavy, beautiful with highly polished stainless steel. It really glistens and looks both high-tech and classic at the same time. The best part is how good the shots taste. Depending on the coffee used, I can get from 2 to 6 millimeters of crema on a doubleshot. In a glass shot, it looks wonderful.


avoid the saeco push buttons and keep the one you have. i have been through 3 warranty replacement saecos in 7 months. the buttons and their connections are terrible.

I’d avoid the Saeco’s as well. We had one at the office and I was less than impressed. There’s a fair amountb of technique to making a good coffee and, in my opinion, the automatics rarely measure up.

thanks Citizen K, that sounds like a good option.
if you have the info on the supplier who helped your friend out could i grab that off you.
Hobart, cheers very much. we just found a rocking location so i’ll show my partner your machine but after the last post you’re probably re-considering whether to buy a new one.
i appreciate the help and when we open up the coffee si on me


PM’ed the info. Hope it helps.

Good luck with the cafe and hope you’ll post the address once you’re up and running.