Rent in Taipei, Shida merket

Hello :slight_smile:

If you are searching for a room in a great big flat in one of the best district in Taipei, this ad is for you!

I leave on 20th of June so my room is available. I live in a nice 10-bedroom flat near MRT station Taipower Building and Guting. The apartment is located in Shida Nightmarket, 5 minutes walk from NTNU, 10minutes from NTU and bus lines head to NCCU. The nightmarket is a very convenient place to live where there are many restaurants, clothes shops, grocery stores, and everything you need. The Da-an park is nearby (5 minutes walking) which is a really nice relaxing area and is also perfect for doing sports.

The apartment is split on 2 floors and there is a kitchen, a spacious common room, a washing machine, and a brand new beamer. There are two shared bathrooms and a private one. The rent also includes airport pick-up, a free bike during your rental and a house cleaner every 15 days.

My room is large and fully furnished with a double bed,air con,closets, desk (big window).

Price: 12500 ntd/month + 2000ntd is charged as utilities

Contact me if you are interested or if you want more details in inbox or by email:

hey, i know it’s late. but can i see the photos and the exact location?