Rental car return at TPE

Does anybody have any experience with returning a rental car at TPE?

We are planning to drive Tainan to TPE with 4 people, several heavy bags, car seat etc. We would prefer to return the car at terminal 2 (vs a car rental center separate from the terminal).

Is there a central car rental location (where), how to get back to the terminal (is it walkable), do any agencies offer return at the terminal (possibly for a fee)?


I received the following from Avis Taiwan regarding return at TPE: the return stand is just in front of the taxi stand at Terminal 2 (I guess arrivals level).

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You can check the following car rentals companies that have office at Taoyuan International Airport ( TPE )

Also , If you don’t want to drive from Tainan to the Airport ,then there are some car rental companies with Chartered car service (包車)


How up to date is this?

I called the airport information counter yesterday with this question. They said there’s no longer rental at the airport. Closest location is 大圓, 4 mins drive away.

I went through the airport’s list and could only confirm Avis is really at the terminal.

和運 says they can give a free ride to the airport after drop off at their Dayuan location. I just reserved mine for next week.

Easyrent (I believe that’s the same) told us on the phone that we could take a cab to the terminal.

Avis worked as described.