Rental sites: My Room Abroad or others?

Hi there, has anyone used MRA’s service this year or even last year? ( I’m trying to book a short term rental in advance because I can’t really negotiate in Chinese. I’ve heard some dodgy things about the business. Yet the business is still online, and I can see people are still using the website? Hopefully someone here has 1st hand experience using MRA or knows someone who does.

I don’t know of many other English rental sites. The ones I do know of have very limited listings. Finding a rental has got to be the most stressful part of moving to Taiwan! So thank you for your help

Do not rent from abroad. That is cardinal rule number one.

Come here, stay at a hotel/hostel a week or two. See the place for yourself carefully, day and night.

Bring a native speaker or any acquaintance at least, to serve as witness. Take pictures of everything.

This is not particularly for that website, which looks more like a real estate agency, but for all.

You can check local websites using Google Chrome translation function.

English language real estate websites are focused on expat account customers, meaning their companies pay for them, so it might be a different demographic market.

Good luck.