Renting furniture and appliances for unfurnished apartment?

We are going to Taiwan (Taichung) for a 6-month stay starting in September. We’ve found a very promising place so far (wrt location, price, parking spot, etc.) – except the place is completely unfurnished. No tables/chairs, beds, stove, washer, refrigerator, air conditioners, curtains, etc…

So I’m wondering if there are rental places for things like furniture and air conditioners so we don’t have to buy everything.

No, there aren’t such places.
Save yourself a lot of trouble. Rent a place which is furnished and has air-con. It will work out cheaper and be much less stress.
There are a lot of good places to rent so there’s no need to take something that isn’t right for you.

Talked to the real estate agent and they are willing to furnish the place with major appliances (e.g. fridge, washer, air conditioners, curtains (not that this is an appliance), etc…). So it looks like we might still have to spring for basic beds and such, but that is a LOT more doable. Phew.