Renting Scooter in Danshui (or Keelung)?

Hey there,

want to rent a scooter this weekend for a northcoast scooter trip, preferable in Danshui (Keelung might also be possible). Does anyone know any shops there (preferably close to MRT / train station) where I can rent a scooter? Prices + Conditions? Would be glad about any information, addresses, phone numbers.

Got an ARC, international driving license + Taiwanese permit to use my international driving license during the whole time of my stay. I guess that shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks a lot!

That’s an easy one. In Danshui there’s at least 3 motorcycle rental shops across the road from the MRT station. Its about NT$ 3-400 per day. Cross the main road opposite from the MRT with MacDonalds facing you. Head towards your right, up as far as the first traffic light. You’ll see at least a couple of motorcycle rental shops before you get to the lights. There are some in the side alleys off that road as well.

IME, the farther from Danshui MRT you walk before renting, the lower the daily rate.*

after negotiation

Hey guys,
it’s been couple of years since the last message was posted in this topic. What do you think about scooter rental possibilities near Tamsui station for non-Chinese speakers? Is the price the same or there has been an increase?
I would very much appreciate help with that.

P.S. I have international driver’s license for a car and no ARC. I want to rent it for 24h to do the trip on the northern coast.


I have some recent experience so I will share what I know.

I know of one place in Danshui that rents but they are wary of foreigners. My friend went with his international licence and ARC but they wouldn’t rent to him. I had to rent it for him because I have a Taiwanese bike licence. From what I remember the price was 400NT for a half day and the bike was a very old Kymco Jockey. Fine for one person but not much fun for two people.

IMO bike rental in Taipei and the north is a pretty poor experience. Poor choice, old and poorly maintained. There is a place at Taipei Main Station (may or may not help) that rents slightly newer Yamaha scooters. They are decent enough but lights are always on for oil change and the two scooters I have rented, while very stable being Yamahas, had rear brakes that were on their last legs.

This is in comparison to Kaohsiung, Hualien and Taichung where I’ve rented a nearly new Kymco Racing 150, a Yamaha BWS and a PGO Tigra with ABS.

There is a foreigner who rents scooters but collection and drop off is at Taipower Building MRT. I rented a motorcycle and it was fine. He also rents scooters and he seems to keep his stock safe well maintained.

Sorry I can’t be more use for Danshui and Jeelung.

Dear chelseadagger, thank you so much!
This is ineed very helpful information. Were you able to rent a scooter for only 24h from the place close to Taipower Buidling MRT, or there is no exception to “minimum 4 days rental” rule?


I rented for one month so I don’t know about the 4 day rule. I know he lives further out so coming in and out for 500 NT probably isn’t worth his time.

If you have 4 days to spare I would suggest renting and going on a scooter trip. There are loads of places to go. Otherwise check the guy near Taipei Main Station, his bikes are newer model Yamahas. If you go early enough you can have a little feel for the brakes and choose the best one. To be honest I’m a bit picky so they probably aren’t as bad as I make out. One of his scooters had my gf and I round the north coast with no trouble. The good thing about Yamaha scoots is you barely notice the extra passenger. I’m not sure what ID he accepts.

When are you thinking of going on your trip?

Hi, thanks again.
I wanted to do it anytime over the weekend, as long as the weather is good enough.