Can anyone tell me about renting apartments? What I mean to ask is: what are the typical expectations regarding deposit, agent fee, and hook up costs? So far it seems like its 2 months for deposit, half months rent for the agent, and I dont know what hook up costs. Is it rude to ask a new employer to use there name on your lease? Finally, what sort of leverage do I have regarding bartering? Is it acceptable to barter alot, a little, or is the price listed non-negotiable?

There should be no hook-up fee except the half months rent for the agent which applied upon signing of the contract. Deposit (1-3 months) depends on the landlord I guess.

It’s unlikely that your employer wants the rental contract in his name unless the company provides you with accomodation - in which case a tax applies that usually is added on top of the rental price. For “private” contracts that tax is, aehem, usually forgotten.

Of course you can try to bargain, 10-15% lower than the advertised price is often possible.