Rep Office to transfer local employees

The US-based company I work for was recently bought by another American company, and our division was absorbed into the new business. I run an office in Taiwan with several local employees. The old company had an entity in Taiwan through which my team was employed. However, the new company has no existing entity in Taiwan. Since we don’t generate any revenue here seems like a rep office would be the easiest way to go. How long does this process take? Is there any way to expedite?

I will be working with an international accounting firm to set it up, but if it’s a months long process I need to find another solution so my team has no gap in employment. I have a colleague in Hong Kong that is contracted through a 3rd party company that is paid by the parent company. The 3rd party facilitates payroll/HR as a standalone service for this very purpose for foreign companies that don’t have a local entity. Does this type of service exist in Taiwan?

Also, for myself I am an expat employee and do not need the visa so this is only to keep the local team employed.

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You can find a payroll company

They usually charge about 300 usd a month for running payroll

For larger teams you can set up a branch office or rep office. It’s a slow process. Rep office may be faster but I haven’t tried.

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Hi @Malasang88. Call this guy. He speaks English and can help you get it all set up and working.

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I am speaking to a payroll/HR outsourcing company on Monday based in HK with service in Taiwan. Are there any payroll companies here you would recommend?

@Marco I will be going through the accounting firm (one of the big 4) the parent company uses. If the process takes awhile I’ll need a bridge solution.

He does payroll too. Highly recommended to chat with him.

Ok just didn’t want to lead him on if at the end my company requires me to use their firm.

No worries, but he can give better answers to your questions than I can. Then you can make an informed decision.