Replacing a lost scooter key

Never happened to me before so was hoping to get pointed in the right direction.

A friend lent me their scooter while they are out of the country. I’m not sure if I left the key in the scooter or not but I suspect so because the seat was open. Although that might have just been me forgetting to lock it properly.

Checked everywhere at home, no key. Asked the cop shop, no luck. I will ask the neighbourhood lizhang tomorrow if she saw it. Owner does not have a spare.

Do you know how difficult it will be to get a replacement key made? I have the ownership. Or will they need to replace the entire locking mechanism? And also if anyone knows the costs.


Very easy to get a replacement key made. I haven’t gotten one in a long time, so I don’t know what the current price is, but it shouldn’t be expensive.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Extremely easy. Had the same problem recently. An uncle cut a new key on spot, less than 10 min work, about 200 NTD.

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@Dr_Milker @yanganlun

I went to the scooter shop, they said because I don’t have a copy they need to change the entire locking mechanism.
Is this the case? The bike is locked completely and the locking part that blocks the key is activated so…

Hmm, maybe something specific to that switch? When I had it done, the guy just took a blank key, brushed a little something on it, stuck it in the keyhole, pulled it out, filed it a little, stuck it back in and pulled it out again, filed it a little more, and it was finished. Maybe try a locksmith?

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Exactly the same procedure in my case.

Hmm never had to use a locksmith before. I’ll try to find one, thanks


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