Report Automation & Dashboarding Services

Hi all,

I have started a side hustle recently to help SME’s (small-medium enterprise) automate their reports and create dynamic dashboards.

Here’s what I bring to the table:

  • Expertise: Drawing from my extensive background, I specialize in automating reports and creating dynamic dashboards tailored to your SME’s needs.
  • Proven Results: I’ve successfully assisted companies and teams in slashing their man-hours from 8+ per week to just 40 minutes. Imagine what that kind of time-saving could do for your business!
  • Data Mastery: Whether it’s marketing metrics, sales figures, or any other critical data, consider it done.

Whether its marketing metrics, sales figures, or any other crucial data, ive got it covered.

Benefits for SME’s

  1. Time Saver: Say goodbye to hours spent on manual data entry, consolidation and reporting.
  2. Eliminate the risk of human errors in your reports.
  3. Focus on Core Business: Redirect your team’s effort toward what they do best while the reports take care of themselves.

If you have been looking to streamline your operations, Let’s Chat! Feel free to drop me a message or comment below