Repost Hall of Shame


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That has to be a record!
It was posted just two posts above yours!


Literally didn’t see it, ha. I guess it’s making the rounds. :grin:


Actually, given the number of 20 and 30-something menchildren in Southern California, I’d say Alex is a winner.

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With the capital C, it probably refers to membership in a cult, or maybe a band. Or a cult-band.

ETA: Omg Marco what have you done?!

And I can’t un :heart: it now. What have I done?!? :runaway:

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Repost… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I was actually trying to nail you for the “let’s have dinner again” meme yesterday when I came across the one Marco had reposted. The original post of that one is eluding me for some reason… :ponder:

Can’t nail me. I am the untempinator.

No no, I was trying to nail the cow! It’s become a moral degenerate. I keep hoping to save its soul…

Cow & Chicken getting dressed 1

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I thought personal insults weren’t allowed on this forum. From a mod no less…

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He’s become a moral degenerate?! Run out of humans to probe, have we?


Aren’t you a bird now? :ponder:

It’s complicated…

Cow in bird’s clothing

Unless you got threatened by a lawsuit from Cartoon Network I don’t see how…

“Warning: your soul is in danger” is an insult now? :roll:

Just remember that when you’re all washed up and “performing” in a seedy nightclub for a boss who literally looks like Satan.

Cow singing in milk bar