Repost of the Day (for real this time!)

Is the internet running out of jokes? Or is it simply that all the funny ones have been mined, and the cost of extraction is increasing?


When the cat guy in the rubber space octopus suit is away more than usual, the mice will play

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What game do the mice like to play? is it that funny House Party one on Twitch, or do they prefer hot tubs?

maybe something that doesn’t need human-hand size controllers?

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POSTAL on Steam

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I don’t get it.

Quantum physics…double slit wave/particle experiment.


God Please No GIFs | Tenor

That’s not how this works. At all. Now I can’t help but thinking about the guy who made this meme and thought they were gonna do something smart. Ugh. Ack. Heurrrrghll.

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It’s a meme…what do you expect? :sweat_smile:

Shrodingers particle

Well, two things:

  • the eyes part of the meme make reference to wave function collapse. When you’re not observing your system it’s a superposition of quantum states (say, the cat is 50% in the dead state and 50% in the alive state). When you observe the system the wave function collapses and the system finds itself in one of the states only, rather than a superposition (aha! the cat is alive! alive!).
  • the diagrams part of the meme shows the wave nature of light: when passing light through slits, light behaves not like a particle (if that were the case you would see the bottom right diagram), but like a wave (what you see in the top right diagram).

Light’s behavior as a particle or a wave does not change depending on whether you observe it or not, it’s an entirely different aspect of quantum mechanics. Having taught that class at uni times and times again it just rattles me that one could make that meme!

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You’re ruining a prefectly good meme!

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And one more thing:

And just six months ago…time for that brain scan. :sweat_smile:


YMCA SNL cease and desist

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The cherry on top is that he even told you

the first time around, too! :doh:


Alien with time machine be like…

…you trying to set a new record, dude? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I thought the one posted before was similar but substantively different… :sweat_smile: