representative office VS branch office

Hi all,
i am completely confused and not so sure about the best choice.
moreover, iam working with a company for 3.5 years and hope that one of the situation above will help me complete the 5 years to be eligible for the APRC.

Company is based in HK.
with my fiancee, we wish to have an office in Taipei/new Taipei.
i have been doing both job for 1.5 years and it is totally exhausting- would prefer to focus in our company ONLY and give it a real go.
we do import export between China and rest of the world-
no business with taiwan.

Can anyone help me understand the difference between the rep office and branch one.


Did you check the site of DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, MOEA

Handling of company establishment and application for change operation flow

Not yet…
Read a lot

Will check it

you are a star.
excellent link

Can somebody sum up what the difference is?

How about this page?

Approval for Recognition of a Foreign Company (Branch Office in Taiwan), a Representative Office

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so if all you really need is an ARC and a work permit, an RO will do