Republic of Taiwan (Formosa) Flag, 1895

I kinda like it … a cartoon tiger flying in the clouds :slight_smile:

It only lasted a short while before the Japanese occupation/colonization, 1895 - 1945… … %281895%29

Yeah, Hobart has it as his avatar. :sunglasses: And you can get it on t-shirts here (I’ve got a couple). I don’t remember if I bought them directly from Hobart or from someone he kindly put me in touch with – it was a while back.

What is the real history behind that flag though?

I thought the whole idea of declaring a republic at that time was in opposition to the Japanese. I thought the users of that flag were actually Qing loyalists?

Does anyone know more baout this?

What a coincidence. I added my new avatar last night. A version of the original Formosa flag anyway.