Reputable Dermatologist in Taichung?

I’m looking for a reputable dermatologist in Taichung City who is fluent in English. Anyone? Anyone?


Don’t know about Taichung, but if you head down to Changhua (15 min on the train), there’s quite a few at Changhua Christian Hospital that are western trained and fluent in English.

I’ve been going to Ideal Skin Clinic for the past few years. Dr. Daniel Cheng is fluent in English and was trained in the states and England, I believe. He’s a great doctor, though hard to warm up to. He’s a pretty serious guy, so he may not seem friendly…but he takes your problems very seriously and is thorough in explaining your condition.

His clinic is behind the Da-Dun Carrefore. He is on Da-Dun 12th street, between Da-Dun Road and Wen-shin Road, across a big parking lot. His clinic sign is fairly large and if i remember correctly, blue.

I should get his name card next time and maybe i can post the exact address and number.

good luck!

Turns out Dr. Cheng has a website.
He has an English page on there.

Here it is. Good luck!