Reputable used motorcycle shop

Original Title: this shouldn’t be this difficult…

I started my bike shopping about a week ago (in Taipei) and am becoming somewhat discouraged about what’s out there with regards to bike shops of good-standing among foreigners. If you know of a place that treated you well, it’d be great to hear from you. I would also be happy to hear from anyone looking to sell but if you have a posting for selling a bike, than I’ll either be in contact or I’m not interested. I’m looking for something around 20 000 nt, 150 cc, for weekend island cruises and commuting, I’d prefer if it had a cup holder and an air freshener tree but…
not too fussy with regards to style (sport, cruiser, low-rider)

Go to Bikefarm. They’ll treat you right. :happybiker: :thumbsup: :uhhuh:

Their web site states and I quote:

“Sorry, at the moment we’re unfortunately too busy to handle bike sales.”

Is this really the case?

This is true, no sales, I was in there yesterday. I am waiting to hear more from them about reputable bike shops though