Requesting Foreign Affairs Police Officer - a Right or a Courtesy?

As a foreigner holding some type of ARC (or even just a visitor), if you are in a legal dispute, have a traffic violation (large or small), etc…and regardless of your language proficiency, is asking for a foreign affairs police officer to come and help explain things at that moment a right written in law, or simply a courtesy offered by the government? And I specifically mean at that exact moment of the incident, not the next day.

As an example, if I am stopped by police, can I tell them I want a foreign affairs officer to come down now because I don’t understand what’s going on and won’t sign anything or accept a ticket until that has happened? (Let’s say I have that written on a card in Chinese and show them or I try to read it). Will they tell me to screw off or will they call them?

If that is a law, is there anywhere on the internet I can find it (English or Chinese)


You can request one, it’s your right.

Maybe things have changed since I got my Permanent ARC several years ago.
When I first got my ARC I had to deal with them yearly then every three years then … they were foreign service police in name only. They only were concerned in making sure we had proper papers an d were interested in busting foreign labourers.
They did not even speak much English. Are they better now. What services can they offer us.