Requirements for starting a buxiban? (2021 edition)

Does anyone know where to find a list of the requirements for starting a cram school? Also, I’d heard that one of the owners needs to have a teaching license. Is that true?

I appreciate any help finding this info.

Which city?

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I’m considering Taipei. Is it completely different for each city or are there national regulations?

The main headache with starting a buxiban is getting the building inspected and licensed. If you can find someone looking to sell an old school I would do that.

All questions can be answered by the MOE in Taipei. I hope you can read Chinese.


Biggest requirement is wisdom in this COVID world. But more practically, passing building code can be incredibly hard depending on where you rent and from whom you rent.

Different for each city. It really can be a headache in Taipei with all of it’s DOE, building department, and fire department regs. You need to make sure a location is suitable before you rent it and cooperate with an architect to get all the documentation sorted. I don’t know if anyone here has done it on a DIY basis, it would be interesting to hear from them. If you don’t have many relevant contacts it’s probably worth it to hire a professional consultant like the Taipei Buxiban Association, which will eliminate a lot of risk.

Here’s the regs

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By the way this isn’t true in Taipei unless it’s recent. I doubt it though.

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I changed the thread title slightly. If you search through the archives, you can find several previous discussions on this topic.