Research interviewee recruitment

Hello everyone, this is Ricky Wang from ICID, NCKU. Now I’m working on a research about the service analysis on English verbal guide service in Taipei 228 Memorial Museum. Therefore, I am here to recruit volunteers to join the visit on 5/16-17

10:30 am - 12:00 pm. If you’re interested in exploring one of the biggest social injustice incidents and the modern Taiwan’s human right history, come join the visit! Detailed information is in the Google sheet.

The application deadline is on 5/10.

Transportation fee: NTD 500

Feel free to contact us if you have any question:

Link for registration: Event registration


500NTD transportation fee?
What if I decide to get there by myself?

If you take a ubike you can earn NT$495.

I hope he meant they will pay you 500NT to cover your transportation fee. :grin:

Interesting stuff. Where is the tour heading?


It’s a museum tour.
500 for your willingness to join their 1.5 hours program to test their English capability.

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It’s a three-minute walk from my place, so I could keep the whole NT$500 fee. I’d do it, but apparently you have to be at beginner-level Mandarin.

That’s actually a pretty cool museum, so if you haven’t been, this is a good chance to check it out. The building itself is also quite nice, for those interested in architecture.

Its first iteration, opened in the 1990s, was amazing, with riveting displays.

Funding was hacked down during the Ma mayorship, ensuring that equipment such as headsets with multilingual explanations remained broken.

The whole museum got a make-over during the Hau mayorship, with lots of fancy flat screen panels installed. My impression is that they worked hard to make the new exhibits as boring as possible. Based on the number of visitors I saw there after the renovations, it seems to have worked.

This situation greatly frustrated many of the volunteers I’ve spoken with over the years. It also led to the national government (under Chen Shui-bian, who had opened the Taipei City 228 Museum when he was mayor) to fund and then open an entirely new 228 National Museum located down the street on Nanhai Road. That’s right, we have two museums addressing the same history located within walking distance of each other.

Have things picks up lately in the Taipei City museum? I hope so, as the volunteers working there are amazing people, with many stories that deserve to be heard.



I haven’t been to that one in years. The difference pre- and post-renovation was huge though.

Hi RickRoll,
The fee would also cover the interview fee.
But it’s also fine if you only want to join the visit.

The tour includes the visit in Taipei 228 Memorial museum,
and the individual interview after the visit.

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Well, you don’t really have to be at beginner-level in Mandarin.
You could still join the visit and interview whichever level you’re
at since we need as much interview as we can.

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I only want to join the visit. Do I still need to type “agree” in the form?

So, if I travel from Chiayi (I only travel HSR), will you cover my travel costs? (2,160 minimum)

Honestly, with such a low travel reimbursement, can’t you realize that you are going to have a biased sample? Your sampling frame is deeply flawed and biased towards northerners. I expect better from 成大! You might want to check again with your advisor. Otherwise, respondents from areas south of 桃園 and 宜蘭 will be unable to attend. Please consider a balanced sampling approach. PM me if you are unclear. Otherwise, your research has zero generalizability.

Nice try. :sunglasses:


Worth a shot, no? But seriously … My job is pointing out methodological flaws :blush:

Well, posting here makes the respondents biassed to Taipei-based Caucasian teachers/ white collars, while majority of foreigners here are New Taipei/Taoyuan-based SE Asian laborers.

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Just to add on the previous reply, please specifically mention that you’re
only for the visit in the google sheet (there’s a short answer blank in the end ).