Research on PRC nationalist propoganda?

Is anyone aware of recent research or news articles on PRC propaganda relating to nationalism, specifically how the PRC interprets Chinese dynastic history to build nationalist sentiment? Even if you don’t remember the exact date, any information on publications or authors would be much appreciated …


well you can always start here at It’s a nice collection of Chinese propaganda posters as both art and political matter. There is no real link with traditional Chinese history as the bulk of the propaganda from the pre 80’s period is all in the marxist-realist style. The posters mostly used to promote nationalism tend to invariably involve either socialist idealism, mass social movements, the People’s Liberation Army, or counter-revolutionary imperialist enemies abroad. The more modern post-reform era posters also don’t touch on history at all so finding a link between nationalism and socialist style history maybe somewhat of a stretch. The Taidu running dogs at this site like to constantly drone on and on about their “5000 years of history” bit in critiqueing Chinese Nationalism yet the correlation between Chinese historical perceptions and mainland propaganda is pretty flimsy. Afterall, for the marxists, anything prior to 1949 was simply reactionary fuedalism. Even though for the pass two decades, socialism has waned while capitalism has flourished, you’ll be hard pressed to find any sort Hitlarian medieval symbolism. (Though theres plenty of cheesy historical dynastic period dramas on CCTV, they aren’t really manifestations of communist propaganda as much as they are cheesy historical dramas with bad dialogue and incredibly pale xiaojie’s) Personally I think what your topic of study is a bit off, as Chinese nationalism isn’t neccessarily predicated on historical romantacism so saying that you are looking for evidence of it from others is somewhat jumping ahead of yourself. If you really want to drawl parallels between the two(besides broad and generic interpretations of the communists wanting to restore Chinese power to that of emperial levels) then you will have to find the evidence of it yourself. To start off, I would recommend you start watching CCTV religiously for the time being.

I was actually thinking of propoganda in other types of media – anything from newspaper articles, to news broadcasts on CCTV, to history books, to the plaques one finds in museums and historical sites. How do these gatekeepers interpret China’s history, particularly history of frontier regions where the local populace were not/are not Han?

I’ve seen some PRC media relating to Xinjiang or Tibet, in which national unity and the struggle of the local minority peoples against aristocratic overlords are played up, and individual ethnic identities and former independent kingdoms are played down. I was wondering if anyone has attempted to systematically analyze or measure this type of propoganda.

I think there are a couple of books on Tibet from the Chinese perspective at 101. Irritating as all hell, but there you go.

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