Researching Birth Records During Martial Law

Hello Everyone,

I am researching a specific individual who passed away in 2000. He was a Buddhist monk and went by two different “dharma names” (ie the name one receives upon ordination, he had 2 different ordinations, with 2 different sects).

Despite his fame (he was a big guy in his day) NO ONE, not even his closest followers, seem to know his real name。 His followers actually thought his first dharma name was his birth name, but my research shows it is not.

SO my question is: how does one go about finding birth records in this country, particularly during martial law? I know what year he was born and where, which is a tiny little town out in the middle of nowhere, so I do not suspect there will be too many names. I can also find out the exact day, as they celebrate his birthday every year (he is dead now) so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find…IF I know where to look.

Anyone got any clues? Thanks so much!

Well, why not ask the town hall (or whatever institution there is) in that town? They may just give you the information or help you (or they say they won’t help you because of private data). Cannot hurt to ask, I guess.