Residency through marriage?

why can’t you be a beneficiary if you are not a resident?
when you say residency card, do you mean a local TW ID with an ID number?
like Marco wrote, there is a different between residents (people who live here more than 183 days a year) and citizens (ppl with TW passports that can live anywhere in the world).

To the best of my knowledge, if your marriage is registered in TW, there shouldn’t be a problem to name you as a beneficiary to insurance policies, a will, or to own real estate.
There could be some specific things i am not aware of, but to the best of my knowledge there is no legal barrier for this.

what problem did your wife encounter? who told her you can’t be part of the investment?

We got married in the states and live in the states. Living in taiwan long term for the time being isnt possible. As far as insurance policies and real estate we arent sure if i can be listed or not but an investment fund that we have no im not able to be listed according to our insurance/invesment agent.