Resident Visa question

I was wondering how long it takes to process a resident visa in Macau or Hong Kong.

I have a work permit and everything, but the immigration officer in Taichung was reading the wrong set of laws when it came to dealing with people who’s old work permit/arc were canceled.

She assumed I had 30 days to get a new permit when it reality, I had 0 from the day I met her. I go to get my new ARC today, and everything was rejected because my Visa has been overstayed now…by about 23 days.

I’m setting up to go to Macau, but I have a work permit, so I was hoping to apply for my resident visa there, but I don’t wanna stay too long. I know in Taiwan, the processing time is about 7 days.
Or would it just be quicker to get a visitor visa and change it to a resident visa back in Taiwan.

I’m not too worried about the visa fees. I bitched at my boss enough that he’s offering to pay the overstaying fine and my visa fees because all of this has been caused by him forgetting to apply for my work permit :loco: