Resident visa to Taiwan

Hello. I am a student who will continue my studies to Taiwan. I am trying to fill out an application form for my visa online. I amaking a resident visa. I have asked the person from my uni and they said to make it a single entry instead of a multiple entry. Why a single entry instead of a multiple entry? Wont that make it hard for me to go back to my own country for holidays in the future? Can someone enlighten me on this thank you.

Hi I think they say to come with a normal visa and do the ARC after 4 months in Taiwan, with ARC you can go back to your country.

Once you enter taiwan with the resident visa, you should convert the visa to ARC within 15 days. ARC comes with multiple entry/exit permit. So, if you don’t intend to come and go, then come again within the 15 days, you don’t need multiple entry for the resident visa.