Resident Visa?

Here’s the situation.

BOTH my gf and I have RESIDENT VISAS + ARCs.

Is this legal for teaching? Other teachers I know saw they have a WORKING VISA + ARC…



You are right and they are wrong! They have Resident Visas (on the basis of which they got their ARCs). Their Resident Visas were issued for the purpose of employment. Whatever the colloquialism is there is no such thing as a “Working Visa” in Taiwan.

Nothing to worry about…

Mine visa and my two friends visas all say resident visa not working visa. Is there a chance that different counties process them differently?

Some people have resident visas through their jobs. It’s a misnomer to call it a working visa because there’s no such thing. It’s similar to the fictional “student visa” which is just a resident visa that you get by being a full-time student. Where the problem comes in is if you work for someone who is not on your resident visa (including working on a resident visa issued for studying). If you want to know more about the various factors involved in getting a resident visa, I would suggest visiting the legal forum.