Resources for domestic violence, stalking, etc

This thread is for practical information relating to domestic violence, stalking, threats, etc. (If you would like to share a long story, please start a new thread.)

I’ve done a quick search through past threads and found some stories but no quick, easy information, so I’ll start with this:

[edit: broken link removed]

People are encouraged to report if finding any improper treatment for children or juvenile, such as abuse, negligence, or abandoning. Please dial 113, the nation-wide woman and children protection network, or report in department or bureau of social affairs in the city government of special municipality and county (city) governments.

I understand you can also apply for a restraining order, but I don’t know the details of how that works.

Added: I think the current link of the site introduced in the OP is the below.

At the bottom of the site, phone numbers of County/City Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention Centers (Networks) of the nation are listed.

In Mandarin

衛生福利部> 家暴防治

臺北市政府警察局婦幼警察隊> 家庭暴力保護令之種類及申請方式?

首頁> 業務簡介> 家暴專區 - 臺灣宜蘭地方法院

In English

Ministry of health and welfare

The garden and hope foundation

Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation

Taipei City Center for Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
(Every city/county maybe has its Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention Center.)

Can a foreign spouse apply for ARC extension because of domestic violence?

Taiwan eases rules on naturalization of foreign spouses / Date: 2016-12-12

foreign spouses who get a divorce after suffering from domestic violence and never get married again or those whose Taiwanese spouses have passed away but who still live with and take care of other family members, can stay in Taiwan and remain eligible for naturalization.