Restaurant/Pizza Supply Store

I am looking for some pizza pans and a long handle pizza peel for my daughters school. Someone gave them a old pizza oven that works and they want to make pizza.

Anyone know of such a place around Taipei? With so many pizza joints someone has to be selling pizza equipment.


Any suggestions where I can buy a pizza peel these days? Doesn’t have to be long handled.

Or would a large or long cutting board work well enough?

This place has the long handled ones, but they do wholesale. You may need to call to see if you can just walk in and buy, or if it needs to be ordered.
No. 33號, Lane 235, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
02 2501 9000


Thank you!

I’ve also found it by searching for 披薩木 on PCHome

披薩板 = Pizza Board

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The above is probably a better choice, but I believe Crate & Barrel (basement of the Breeze beside Taipei City Hall MRT Station) usually has pizza stuff - I’ve definitely seen pizza stones there, and I believe pizza peels. Annoyingly, the pizza stones are almost exactly the internal dimensions of the Dr. Goods ovens that many of us have, and I don’t dare buy one because I’m not sure if it’d fit.

(Unasked for tip: I have MUCH better luck using baking paper to slide the pizza off and on the peel.)

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Now I am looking for a Pizza Steel.

I tried using the ceramic tiles I bought for baking bread but they did not work well with the pizza recipe I used. I need something that holds heat better.

How can I search for Pizza Steel in Chinese? The characters I get from Google Translate seem to be Pizza Board

  • 披薩鍋烤盤
  • Pizza 鑄鐵烤盤廚房大師-加厚碳鋼圓形不沾披薩烤盤-菊花派盤-披薩盤-蛋糕盤-蛋糕模-餅乾模-氣炸鍋烤盤-氣炸鍋配件-i.2150437.144169930

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Not exactly what you’re seeking, but I use a Lodge reversible grill / griddle in the oven. Works well. I believe we ordered ours online, but I’ve seen it in Crate & Barrel. Minus point: can’t really make one big pizza, unless it’s an unusually oblong shape. But it works great for holding heat.

And as I said above, Crate & Barrel does stock pizza stones - I’ve never noticed a pizza steel there. The problem is going to be making sure it fits in your oven.

I’m guessing what @chydals linked to above isn’t quite what you’re looking for - I guess that’s for more deep-dish / Chicago style pizzas? Preheating a pan like that, and then sliding a pizza into it, would be tricky indeed.

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Now omw to Crate & Barrel!!

Thank you!


So this did not last a week! Used twice and then dropped this morning after rinsing it off


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I saw your PC home link and the specs say the Material is Pine wood (材質:松木 )

Pine trees are considered a softwood tree, which means the wood is softer than hardwood varieties
Next time try to buy a different kind of wood (maybe darker wood color )


There are a number of restaurant supply stores at the huanhe road near Ximen, not far from Dadaocheng. There are also a lot of hardware stores around there too.