Restaurant with best (reasonably priced) wine list?

Any suggestions for a restaurant with good food and a great reasonably priced wine list in Taipei?


Any particular cuisine preference? Who are you entertaining? There might be other possibilities. For example, some of the upmarket buffets offer all-you-can-drink beer and fairly-reasonable wine/spirits as well as very good food. There are a couple of european-style eateries which serve rather excellent Belgian beer.

Any restaurant with a “wine list” will charge you over-the-top prices just because they have a wine list. Making things worse, it’s a imported/foreign concept and they’re selling imported wines, which doubles the price, and in any case the point of a fancy restaurant in Taiwan is to show off how rich you are, which doubles it again.

better to go the other way. Go to a top notch wine store which has seating and then order in food. If you are into wine and buy a decently priced bottle, they aren’t going to mind you ordering in food.