Resume builder

Good morning

I am looking for a reliable website in English to build a resume. Has anyone used one of these sites, and what sort of charges were applied?


Do you mean like

I’ve used it for free all this time and they sometimes let you try out their premium package for free

Oh, just noticed you tagged this for teaching-jobs. You can still post your credentials there for free

Hi GE, I am not registered with linkedIn, but I wasn’t aware that they had these sort of services. I think I might sign up when I have completed a good resume.

Has anyone else got any feedback on LinkedIn, is it worth having a hyperlink on your resume to your LinkedIn profile?

Regards, TMP

LinkedIn’s premium services will help you find people – candidates, recruiters, hiring managers – a little bit easier. But as a job seeker or someone looking for business opportunities, I haven’t considered them necessary. You can get a lot out of what is available in the free package.

If you are looking specifically for teacher-related tips for LinkedIn, this might help:

Excellent, thanks very much for your help.