Retirement for Foreigners… in say, 20 years?

Hi all,

sorry if this question was already answered, I couldn’t really find the information in the search (or on Google).

We are a couple of foreigners, currently working in Taiwan (I am on a gold card, and will hopefuly switch to APRC soon if that’s relevant).

I am wondering how we can calculate the government backed retirement pension in 20years, I see there is 2 plans (old and new), the new is not attached to a company, but a bit “lower” than then old (this info is from my HR). But I can’t really find a clear information on how the pension is paid, and how it is calculated.

All info I look tend to point to “it is not enough to live”, but just how much is not enough?

Is anybody having any intel (or maybe a contact of a good and reliable retirement consultant?).


Some links:


this is the government’s calculator for the pension plan : ¦~ª÷¸Õºâªí
(use google translate if you dont read Chinese )
you can see the returns are not projected to be high· in addition the mandatory saving of 12% is also not considered high enough to replace your income at retirement, the convention is that you need to save 18%to 20% of your income.

I see, sounds like we do need to really start planning. I also hear some retirement plans/investments would get you tax cuts, I might have to look in that direction…

Any recommendations for a competent (and honest) consultant in the field?

i sent you a private message about a guy i used. i had a positive experience with him, but of course you should do your own research.