Retirement in Taiwan

Someone had a full camper for sale in Yahoo Kimo.

Still here. Most likely will be here for a long time as well. Got a place with piece of land large enough to hunker down and sustain myself, if the apocalypse happens. But, also have an exit strategy…

That seems like a good way to maintain some sanity, even if you never come close to:


Former Taiwan resident here (1996-2004). Glad to see that this thread is still up and running. While retirement for my wife and I is still several years away, you can place me in the camp of those who would prefer to live in Hualian or Taitung.

Well this looks like it is happening. We are planning on renting first to get more of an idea of where we like before putting down more solid roots.
My plan is to explore the island as much as possible for the first months starting in the North.
My main major concern is expanding my social circle and language problems - but hey-ho, I’m game.
As this thread was started 10years ago - have things changed that much?

This post might have some useful info for you:

On the financial side - what would be considered the average expat wage in Taiwan? I am just trying to gauge how much two people (no accommodation costs, no kids) would need.

There’s no average expat wage. What industry you talking about ?

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depend on your lifestyle

OK. General guides suggest one person can lead a reasonable but not extravagant life for NTD20,000 per month in Taipei. Also the average salary in Taipei is NTD43,000 a month. Do these look reasonable?

You could do it, but it would be a pretty no-frills existence.

With no accommodation costs, no kids, I’d say yes by my standard.

Not really. Where did you get these numbers?

Here’s a salary survey:

lol, no.

I wouldn’t recommend coming to tw for less than 150k/month if you are young with no savings

You need the 40 minimum for living, another 30-40 for rent, and then you need to save some as well

Don’t listen to @morran01. He’s very rich so he has a skewed idea of how much normal ppl need to live in Taiwan.

For locals average wage is like 50-55k TWD, Taipei and Hsinchu would be higher than that.

Average household income for locals is around 1.3 million (43k USD) as of 2018.


So no, my personal finances are not skewing my opinions. I was fresh off the boat once as well

Why travel all the way around the world when you are young and supposed to be making a career to work for peanuts? You need to save for retirement, mortgage, etc

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I thought @smileymiley is at about the age of retirement.

I guess wealth is relative . :thinking:Reminiscent of the Kerry Packer gambling legendary story . It all depends on what your priorities are . Taiwan is a place you can get into a comfort zone quite easily .

He’s got a point, you know?