Return of a flamed post?

I made a churlish, expletive-riddled post earlier, which disappeared as expected. I can only guess as to its current status and I need no explanation why. However, it vanished with such haste and sense of purpose - and a good deal of efficiency, it must be said well done chaps keep up the good work - that I didn’t get a chance to make a copy of what I had written. Is it possible to have it PMed to me?


I had a blast writing it, and I don’t post here often and I’ve never caused any trouble (okay, except for joining in on that one dude from a while back… wotsisface… tip of the tongue… Leech?) and I’d really appreciate it and stuff and please couldja dyathink mebbe huh?

Kind sirs?

I’m sorry, you can’t have it.
I’ve already printed it up and put it on my fridge.
The rugby shorts part was especially good.