Return of Mercenaries

I see that mercs (mercenary soldiers) are making a comeback. That is good, mercs have an important place in the history of warfare. So if any of you are getting a bit of wanderlust this fine spring season and are good with a gun Blackwater Inc. would be happy to hear from you, I am sure. … ?page=full

I remember with late 70s (or maybe it was early 1980s) fondness buying the premier issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine. That magazine and I guess the merc business fell on hard times over the years but appear to be making a comeback.

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p.s I posted this in the general catagory rather than international affairs because I thought some of Formosa’s fine readers who may not hang out in the IA forum might be interested in jobs abroad other than teaching english.

Should we sponsor a group to, say, hmm, who needs help these days?

Get Sandman’s avatar back?

Bet they would be great for bringing to the DMV…

Do they accept people who have syphilis?

you wish :wink: