Returning ARCs in SARS Quarantine

So…at the insistence of the FAP, I am now in Vancouver on a visa run…and the borders are now closed… :imp:

A little help please???

ToeSave, I hear you loud and clear! I am stuck in B.C. as well. My ticket is for the 13th, my house has just been rented out, I have employed people to run my business and goodness knows what else! I may also lose my job in Taiwan as I cannot make my start date of the 15th. So… no where to live, ticket may be lost (and all other incurred expenses). I spoke to the TECO in Vancouver a short while ago and the fellow I spoke with has given me the name of a Mr. Eric Hwang at the office to speak with in regards to this. Maybe he can help you (?). The number to call is 689-4111, ext. # 222. He will be in after 1:30 today. I am hoping that he can tell me that this is all workable. Best of luck to you - please post your updates as will I.

I think I already spoke with him…I spoke directly, face to face, with the issuing officer…basically top man in Van…he was very kind, empathetic even…but his hands are tied…no visas until the 12th…they took my phone # here and will call if there are any sudden changes…I meantime, am trying to sublet my place from here…

That’s definitely worth raising a stink over. One of your local news stations might be interested in doing a story on it. I get the impression that Canada is feeling a bit persecuted anyway, so the human intersest angle would definitely be there.

I read that there are plans to compensate Taiwan nationals affected by SARS-related restrictions, but resident foreigners weren’t mentioned. … /28/203823 … 16,00.html … 37/1/.html

My friend’s husband works at the Canadian Trade Office here. All I know is that they’re working very hard on it.

TRAVEL ADVISORY from the Canadian Trade office website:

Taiwan has announced the temporary suspension of visa issuance to Canadian citizens resident in Canada, and has imposed a quarantine requirement on travelers from SARS-affected areas - including Canada - to Taiwan. This suspension is effective as of 28 April 2003.

Important note for Canadians in Taiwan: holders of Alien Resident Certificates returning to Taiwan from SARS-affected areas - including Canada, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and China - will be required to undergo 10 days of quarantine on arrival in Taiwan, prior to the completion of border entry procedures. Taiwanese officials have indicated that quarantine would take place, under supervision, at a special facility in Taoyuan.

Holders of multiple-entry visas may be denied entry to Taiwan.

For further details about these new measures contact Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or TECO at locations abroad.

I was planning a trip to go back home to Vancouver in three weeks, take a vacation and then return to Taiwan. I have an ARC and a multiple entry visa. But with this recent news i am a little confussed about what will happen to me if i leave and try to come back.

I wonder when they say, “Canada” do they only mean Toronto? They are not very clear here. The travel advisory it didn’t specify that it only was for travelers from Toronto. The Taiwan CDC website says travelers are being quarantined because they travelled to “any of the provinces of the People’s Republic of China, including Hong Kong and Macao, or from any of the areas that the WHO has defined as SARS foci Areas.”

I wonder if this means that all Canadians, even those from the west coast will be subject to quaratine?

And isn’t Toronto being dropped from the WHO list because of pressure?

Totally confused and wondering if i should can my trip because of SARS… :? :?

Received a phone call late last night from my new employer in Hualien. She says that the health authorities have told her that only those from Toronto will be held in quarrantine upon arrival. Don’t really know how true this is as the TECO visa officer has advised me that everyone from Canada will NOT be allowed in. The quarrantine notice on their website however states nothing about being refused entry. Who knows? The up side for me is that if I am quarrantined or not allowed in, my employer has been very understanding and hopefully will honor her commitment to me in terms of keeping my job. Now that the WHO has lifted their listing of Canada maybe the government in Taiwan will also lift theirs on Canada? TosSave, how’s your situation coming along?

I went to the TECO first thing this morning (Thursday) and they have not budged in their thinking…not even thinking about issuing visas until the 12th…I have no where to stay and no money…I am taking a bath on the exchange rate…this is screwed…

Cancel it…I am stuck indefinitely in Vancouver…see Save’s Absolutely Ridculously Stuck thread in this travel index…mod…maybe merge them.

It applies to all Canadians…YVR has only 4 suspected cases and I am still SOL…

Can you drive into Seattle, rent a car, and drive up to Vancouver (and fly out of Seattle)?

As far as I can tell…a Canadian passport is all they need to say no to…it wouldn’t matter if I was in Okinawa or Toronto…

As far as I can tell…a Canadian passport is all they need to say no to…it wouldn’t matter if I was in Okinawa or Toronto…[/quote]

I know that’s true for issuing visas, but what if you already have one? If a Canadian with an ARC flies to Okinawa, can he not get back in to Taiwan?

As far as I can tell…a Canadian passport is all they need to say no to…it wouldn’t matter if I was in Okinawa or Toronto…[/quote]

I know that’s true for issuing visas, but what if you already have one? If a Canadian with an ARC flies to Okinawa, can he not get back in to Taiwan?[/quote]

An ARC or multiple entry visa does not guarantee you re-entry…Taiwan is more paranoid than a pot-smoker at a DEA convention…

Is there some way to track where you have been. When I go back home to NZ there is no stamp put in my passport, what about Canada?

Is there some other way to track where you have been. “Oh, I see Mr. Toe Save, you haven’t been to Canada at all- Welcome Back to Taiwan”. Or will they assume the worst and you are screwed?

I hope you get back soon

[quote=“Boss Hogg”] Or will they assume the worst and you are screwed?



but thanks for the sentiment Boss…

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Toe’s comin’ home…

They are now (05/02/2003) issuing visas to Canadians…and no quarantine time…we just have to get a Dr. to sign off that we are SARS-free…this is a costly endeavour however…especially in


After seeing my Dr. and my buddy’s Dr. ($50 and $100 CDN respectively), I went to the free clinic on the corner of Drake and Hornby, I got the ticks officially stroked for $15…In BC “Free” means $15, I guess…

I am on a flight tonight (05/07)…here’s hoping the school’s are all still open…oh wait…I teach adults… :laughing:

Congrats! Be sure to bring plenty of surgical asks and ear thermometers. :wink: Although my idea is to market a combination rectal thermometer/optical probe so they could check your temperature and give you your security check at the same time.

For Immediate Release

May 2nd

Taiwan Resumes Visas Services in Ottawa and Vancouver Offices

The Government of Taiwan announced today that it is revising its current regulations, which temporarily stopped the issuance of visitor and resident visas to foreigners from Canada. This adjustment is due to the World Health Organization decision this week to lift the travel advisory on Toronto and is effective immediately.

Foreigners from Canada are still not eligible for visa-exempt entry and landing visas. All previous limits on entry will still apply for visitors from Toronto. This situation will be subject to review on May 12th. However, the Government of Taiwan is pleased to announce that, starting from May 2, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Offices (TECO) in Ottawa and Vancouver will resume visa services to applicants from outside Toronto.

Foreigners outside of Toronto applying for entry to Taiwan must not have been in Toronto for a minimum of 10 days. All applicants must provide a ealth Status Form and Boarding Permit?signed by their medical doctor for approval by the TECO Offices in Ottawa or Vancouver. These forms are available at these offices.

In order to provide the best possible protection for the Taiwanese people, the limits for entry have been revised for all of Canada, except Toronto. Foreigners from Toronto with special circumstances and emergency needs wishing to go to Taiwan may apply for entry and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Taiwanese nationals and foreigners from Toronto who are granted entry will be subject to a mandatory 10-day quarantine upon arrival in Taiwan, and must provide contact information for the duration of their stay in Taiwan, in the event they need to be contacted by Taiwanese medical authorities. Taiwanese nationals and foreigners arriving in Taiwan from areas other than Toronto will not be subject to the quarantine, but will be required to provide the contact information, upon arrival.

  • 30 -

For further information, or for any questions please contact the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Canada, located in Ottawa.

Frank Lin

TECO, Canada

Toe – Congrats!! This is great news.

Not sure if it was my doing, but I walked into the BCTV offices last Thursday and they did a story on my plight under the SARS Fears banner…lotsa shots of a forlorned Toe…extolling the virtues of our adopted land and my new career…blah blah weep weep…

But they did follow it up by bringing a camera into the TECO and getting a response… :smiling_imp:

This is good news about the ban for Canadians being lifted.

But here’s another question.
I have to do a visa run soon. I was going to go visit my friend in Japan and do the run at the same time. I hold a Canadian passport from BC.
I have a student visa in Taiwan.

Does anyone know if the Japaneses border is closed to us students from Taiwan? I have been searching the web, but can’t find any info. Also, will I be able to get back into Taiwan ok.

I think it will should be ok to come from SARS-free Japan to Taiwan, but if I can’t go to Japan, where should I do my visa run? I certainly don’t want to go to infected countries. Plus, I’d like to visit my friend in Japan.

Also, I accidently and innocently overstayed once and never want to do that again, but it may complicate things now. Who knows!

Can anybody help me on this one? Thanks