Returning to Taiwan

Hey All!

Back in 2017 my husband and I traveled to Taipei, where I was offered a job and we ended up living there for 11 months. We returned home to Washington Sate, USA, in July of 2018.

I am starting to save up to come back and visit (decidedly NOT accepting any job offers, I’m no longer fresh out of college) and I would like any advice on a few subjects.

  1. I am obviously going to wait until Taipei is not in a quarantine/lock down. I have been vaccinated for COVID19 since April. I don’t want to come until it’s safe and I don’t want to bring anything there.

  2. My husband, but not me, had visa issues when we were there last. We ended up having to pay a 10,000 NTD fine and he was banned from reentry for a year. How does this affect MY return? He would be staying home (or going on his own solo trip).

  3. What websites/services do yall recommend for finding flights and accommodations?

Thanks all, and I hope to see beautiful Taiwan soon!

If you are coming to Taiwan to vacation it will be difficult to get into the country. The only people that have been granted visas during the covid crisis have been people coming to Taiwan for work. Currently, even people looking for work have been barred from entry due to a recent outbreak.

The OP did state they were waiting until this was all over so… I’d imagine it would be later in the year when things(I reckon) would be more open.

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Are you saying you should only work in Taiwan if you’re just out of college? To a forum full of expats who work here?


It would have nothing to do with your return.

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Not exactly…

I mean, I know Taipei is the center of the universe and all that, but there will probably still be Covid measures in place after the city’s lockdown ends.


Oh my gosh, no! I’m sorry to have implied that. I have a career here at home and I’m no longer trying to figure out what I want to do with myself long term. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can do the expat thing successfully. I sure couldn’t.

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I am going to wait to visit Taiwan as a tourist until I can do so in a respectful and safe way. I recognize that the US has been doing an absolutely horrible job with COVID, and although I’ve been vaccinated for months and very precautious, my desire for fun can wait until Taiwan wants tourism from the US(Hopefully that happens again.)