Reuben Sandwiches required for great justice

Please point me in the direction of a joint that sells good reubens!!! I have a ridiculous hankering.

I’ve noticed it on The Diner’s menu. But, never having had one, either in The Diner or elsewhere, I can’t tell you if its a good one or not.

There is only 1 good Reuben in Taipei and it is at Dan Ryan’s Chicago Grill on Tun Hwa N Rd across from the Egg. Better than most Reubens in the US even. And I’m an artist formerly known as Jewish, and therefore an expert by genetics.

TwoTongues is correct.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is “Better than most Reubens in the US”. Not even in the neighborhood. But they have the only thing even coming close to a Reuben in Taipei.

Fingas in Taichung make a great Reubens…

Well thanks a lot to everyone, then! Looks like I’ll be heading to Dunhua N. Rd. area soon.