Revive Bicycle -- Any experience?
Anyone ridden one of these? They cost nearly as much as a scooter, but look interesting.

I can’t believe they misspelled “Jampan”. :unamused:

yeah, i’ve ridden one… they’re okay, but as you said very overpriced, also they’re city bikes, pretty much flat land only… the recliner market is huge in europe, and there are many companies making excellent reclining bikes in many styles… and those are huge fun to ride… the giant bike is a kind of ‘middle of the road’ attempt to play to that market… but since it’s kind of neither here nor there, it doesn’t quite make it past the gimick threshold though…

I had a go on one of those recumbent racing bikes when I was in Germany. Boy, they are cool! So fast, with so little effort. I’d love one. As for the Revive, if I want to look like a total dork I’ll buy a propeller beanie. Same result, much cheaper.
On another note, has anyone seen that weird “penny farthing-type” bike that was on display at the CKS departure hall a month or two back?

Sorry for resurrecting the dead, but have a few questions:

  1. Been to a couple of Giant distributors, most do not carry these anymore. Is it not on sale in Taiwan?

  2. Anyone has further experience with them?

  3. Any used ones for sale? :smiley:

New image BTW: … 12388.html
It does not look as comfortable as the ones I’ve seen on the road. :ponder:

this is a really old bike. not made anymore. unfortunate - it looks pretty awesome.