Richard Spencer endorses Biden - and Biden's campaign rejects him

We live in the strangest timeline.

Think this is far more accurate.

For example, examine why Biden has not “rejected” Spencer in person. Also, why does the MSM react with such stories ??

And if the story is somehow accurate, then his lack of personal rejection has far more meaning than this press release. Agreed that it’s very strange, this timeline dependent as it is on the MSM, is perhaps verging on the strangest ever.

Bottom line: why is there no twitter/video/whatever of Biden himself rejecting Spencer’s support?

Maybe Joe is spending the weekend at Bernie’s?

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Not sure if it actually bears mentioning, but the longer the Harris-Biden campaign puts off a personal rejection of Spencer, the less credible that rejection becomes.

Biden needs to say something pronto irl, alls I’m saying.

So there’s that. :idunno:

And why did Trump take weeks to denounce David Duke? Keep it balanced @bojack. Complaining that the rejection is not good enough is blatant hypocrisy.


Where’s the tax returns from Trump? IMO I think you guys have a shitty decision coming November.

Shitty A and Shitty B.

Followed by Radical C and Radical D


You can think what you want, but the personal tax returns of Americans exposed to public scrutiny should, for all time, be private - unless the individual in question releases them.

Trump’s election happened after he refused to release his Personal Tax returns, so I have to admit I’m not seeing the (or even “a”) problem here.

As far as shitty goes, I’d say it’s a case of the Democrats are Shitty #1, no question. To be avoided at all costs, no doubt about it.

Canadians, I have no idea. I suspect they like anybody who disagrees with the GOP, or even US conservatives. Pfft.

Trump’s not even a conservative dude.

The GOP in many ways have thrown their ideology out the window with Trump. Trump might as well be a democrat.

Yeah, a lot of people in Canada do disagree with US conservatives. We like having freedom. We don’t like the Government interfering with our bodies and what we do in the bedroom.

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You are missing the value of Trump. It has nothing to do with whether he’s “a conservative,” believe me.

It’s ok, you’re Canadian.

And I resent that.

A good half of the country disagrees with you.

lol. How’s the pronoun situation there?

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What pronoun situation?

I assume you mean Canada, and I think it’s likely >50%.

No no. A good half of your country disagrees with you.

The US is not a single party state.

Maybe. Forgive me if I don’t jump to the conclusion that they would, in any case, approve of Canadian opinion of the USA - much less give a crap about Canadian approval of what we do in the USA.

I’m pretty sure Canada don’t win that contest.

Are you implying that the other half is the bad half? :wink:


I always love your jokes. :wink:

So? You’re talking to one on a Taiwanese forum.

I’m not unable to understand because I am not American according to you. The US welcomes millions of new citizens every year. Are they all just magically able to understand US politics because they attained a paper book? Puhhhlease…

Are foreign born Americans also suddenly able to understand because they also possess the magical paper book?

This is the argument of ultranationalist dictators like the Chinese Communist Party.

You don’t understand China because you are not Chinese.

John Oliver? He’s American. Did he suddenly become able to understand everything upon receiving the magical paper book?

What about the Canadian, Ted Cruz?

I now must confess I do not know you. Not no mo.

If the Harris-Biden ticket wishes to denounce Richard Spencer, it should do so publicly and the head of the ticket, assuming that’s Biden, should lead in the endeavor.

I can only wish, like most immigrants, that I had never known John Oliver. Who is British as far as I know.

John Oliver is an American citizen.

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