Rick Astley warned us he'd never say goodbye

Thanks to the Internet phenomena, he’s back on the lists! :smiley:

[quote]Astley nominated for best act award
2 days ago

Rick Astley has become a surprise contender for best act ever at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards.

Two decades after his single hit the top spot in 16 countries, Astley’s fans have taken its title Never Gonna Give You Up quite literally, by selecting him for nomination.

Astley, in his first ever nomination in the history of the MTV Europe Music Awards, will compete against Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Green Day, Tokio Hotel and U2 for best act ever.

Cool! :beatnik:

Oh yeah. Like anyone’s stupid enough to click on those links.

This is the link you don’t want to click on: youtube.com/watch?v=YbaTur4A1OU

‘best act ever’? huh?

that would only be possible in the case of rick astley if all other bands boycotted, on the grounds of taste, respectability and a severe aversion to being seen in the same room as him.

I can’t believe I fell for that.

That’s ridiculous! Astley’s the brains behind a well-known local stone oven pizza franchise. EVERYONE knows that. He tried to dye his hair less ginger and make out he’s from South Africa, but most people aren’t fooled at all.
He won’t be at all interested in some music award. Those days are behind him.

MTV is a pernicious festering scab on the bowels of pap music…

Ah, you guys are sore. It’s a democracy people! The public has voted! They want Brittany and Astley on the same spot!

Now, that’s a scary thought.

“Pap” music? Now I’ll be thinking of that durring my next exam!

“Pap” music? Now I’ll be thinking of that durring my next exam![/quote]
Rickroll someone before you go…