Right or wrong? Civil Affairs Bureau features 10 models representing the bureau

I hereby nominate Tommy as the official Year of the Horndog goodwill ambassador.


Bet they make some pretty good borsch

small t pls :medal_sports:

Oh I’d need a week with each one to make a more rounded and in depth assessment of course

Careful…you’re heading into Trumpian Miss Universe territory!

Yeah, he out-skeeved you, that’s definitely an achievement :1st_place_medal:

Says the guy I caught red-pawed trying to steal milk from my udders.

Just trying to put food on the table, man

Well this thread sure to degraded quickly to horndog chatter.

It is bizarre to say the least. Just thinking about how the idea was hatched and then how others supported it? It reminds me of something I would read from the 60’s.

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This kind of thing is still pretty par for the course in any Asian country.


How is it different from the Miss America Contest? Less bare skin maybe?
– Miss America 2018 “fitness competition”

Honestly, life is too short to be obsessed with political correctness.

I saw this photo shoot and thought ‘God bless the Republic of China and Taipei County’.

You get 10 female civil servants together in Canada and the net result weights 23 metric tons.


Honestly the fact that some “manager(s)” in Xinbei used public resources (including human resources) on this kind of nonsense does help to explain why their municipality continues in many spots to look like sh*t. You know, opportunity cost and the like.


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Well, if the goal was to get people’s attention to the bureau and perhaps to attract people to use the bureau’s resources, then the campaign looks to have been a success.

Wow, I didn’t know Miss America was run by the government. Shouldn’t that be driving libertarians over the edge?

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I bet it was a fun thing for them as a whole too. Sure are some cute public servants.

The cute ones would happily join the contest ( there surely was one ). And the not so cute ones, well they know they better get back to work. And you know most of the not so cute ones all have boyfriends and husbands ( I should say or ) I bet.

The hotties are still shopping.

Jenda? “The women exude an air of cultured professionalism and enthusiasm, which also reflects the attitude that the New Taipei Government hopes to convey serving the city’s residents.”
Residents who visit KTV’s i guess.


The Miss America Organization is a corporation and contestants are contractural employees who have to agree to a list of written job requirements so if the context is “something I would read from the 60’s” a nationally televised contest to pick the next scantily clad Miss America would seem to qualify.

Can you or your friends in New Taipei City go to that Civil Affairs Bureau and seek out at least one or two or more of those workers and ask them point-blank if they felt victimized, or did they feel that what they did was sexist, or did they feel degraded by having their picture taken like that, or do they and/or their coworkers feel proud of the results?

My guess is you cannot or will not and if you or someone else did actually do so that the answers to those queries would be in the negative, except for yes to the last one. This is such a non-issue, but I guess it has to be made into one.

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To even out the score, I suggest a calendar featuring 10 of the best 45-year-old male civil servants in traditional male attire: blue flipflops, calf-length baggy jeans, and a wifebeater rolled up over the paunch. They can be seated on the bed of a blue truck, and the 福 thingies can be replaced with two artfully-arranged bottles of Taiwan Beer, 500ml and 330ml.

It is pretty silly. And the last time I checked a qipao isn’t supposed to be that short. I’d say it just reflects a complete lack of professionalism and common sense rather than sexism as such, though.