Right to bear arms in Taiwan as a deterrent to a Chinese invasion?

“Those legitimate concerns around gun ownership concerns or gun safety pale in comparison when we look at the war crimes that have taken place,” O’Brien


Jeez I couldn’t imagine anything worse.


Road traffic would sure become a lot more „interesting“ if everyone would be carrying a weapon… :whistle:


We’ve had this conversation

Community gun ranges


M-16 mounted in the living room glass cabinet


What if instead we had a “happy middle?”

We have stockpiles of AK47s maintained and held at every apartment building basement. 1 per apartment or so… with the key held by the security guard.

Then have a weekend course every 12-48 months to ensure that everyone (including women) know how to use the guns.


I’ll end in jail, for sure.

But wrapped in plastic foil so it keeps its value!


That doesn’t sound very happy - more like a disaster. :grimacing:


Key point is that it should be stored without any ammunition. It should be illegal to own any ammo in most cases, and government should set up an ammo dispersal framework that can activate in case of an invasion (or training). Kinda like this:

In December 2007, the Swiss Federal Council decided that the distribution of ammunition to soldiers would stop and that previously issued ammo would be returned. By March 2011, more than 99% of the ammo has been received. Only 2,000 specialist militia members (who protect airports and other sites of particular sensitivity) are permitted to keep their military-issued ammunition at home. The rest of the militia get their ammunition from their military armoury in the event of an emergency.

And I support this as someone who hates guns and hasn’t touched anything more modern than an early 20th century rifle.


On the other hand, I would assume that this wouldn’t apply for foreigners. Would only be logical.

Probably restricted to those who served in the military.

I support that idea!

There would be ample time to distrobute the ammuniton and it could easily be done by 7/11 or FamilyMarts logistical networks…


I think it should apply to APRC holders who choose to get involved. Why not? Also give a free lunchbox for everyone who attends.

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Key point to increase participation! Maybe even have a drawing for gun-shaped EasyCards every other time!


Yeah, that sounds good to me. “Remember those times we gave you NT$8000 in stimulus vouchers and that NT$6000 tax rebate? Now here’s your AK-47. Please report to the beach tomorrow morning.”

ARC holders should be excluded, of course.


That is indeed an interesting idea. I too am anti gun in Taiwan despite being a gun owner in canada before moving here. I dont trust the society nor the government to manage them well.

but the ammo thing is interesting. to be fair, there are already illegal ammo manufacturing here, as well as guns. but ammo seems far less prolific.

the worry is always how can it go pear shaped.

perhaps an even better safe algaurd is having.small stockpiles in police stations. like they already do for rifles and hunting. once china flips the switch, there are police stations EVERYWHERE and people can go get equipped to be trigger happy.

issues: massive liability, but in war time everything is off the table. or on the table. whichever way one looks at it. an unarmed and fairly useless population wont be that hard to murder.

I also think, if they were to do something.of the sort. mid range rifles with scopes and well thought out training .manuals written for dummies :wink: when china comes, many of us are going Rambo style mountainside right quick. ak47 arent that useful.

Sometimes I like to imagine sniping down commie paratroopers from the roof of my apartment building. Always preferred camping in FPS games. Pew pew.


no comment :shushing_face:

I’ve said the same thing here many times.

Every house here needs a long gun.

Numerous patriots from each building placing holes in invading/occupying PLA helmets would be pretty discouraging.

Unfortunately, China doesn’t have paratroopers (last I checked) so we’d have to be invaded by another Communist country for your fantasy to come true.