Ring in the World Spirituality Day

Some blokes got this idea to ruin New Year’s Eve and make it, quote unquote “spiritual.” What’s next? A holiday proclamation? I always thought New Year’s Eve was for getting very very drunk and forgetting everything that happened this past year… But now…this Mary Cosgrove woman of Integrative Spirituality at wilddove@sbcglobal.net
and integrativespirituality.org/ … tualityday
and integrativespirituality.org is way too serious.

She says: If spending this New Year


(I never go drinking on New Years, thats when all the amatuers are out)

Top Ten responses:

  1. Is my religion considered spiritual wisdom, or only theirs?
  2. Does this mean they don’t plan to get shit-faced?
  3. But who cares what the Unitarian Universalists do?
  4. Just say OM!
  5. You will be integrated, resistance is futile
    6 The perfect ecumenical prayer:

Baruch etah adonai
Sanctificator nomen tuum
Allahu Akbar
Om mani padme hum

  1. If you are interested in the South Park Diet, press four. If you want to hear how Jesus fathered the Merovingians and left a coded treasure map with the Masons, press five.

  2. Gee, I’d better be sure that my skeptical vibrations don’t interfere with their plans for planetary ascension.

Oh, I give up–I’m too lazy. You finish.