Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Zone


Seconded. The dumbest and most wtf moment of the entire trilogy.

That’s actually the norm in tv shows. But where tv shows differ is that the writer(s) are the same whereas the writers changed between this new SW trilogy.

It may not have been a bad idea to keep a writer (or two) on from day one and have them oversee the story, while serving as producers as well to make sure the directors, if they really needed multiple, stay on path to serve that singular narrative. So for example if JJ Abrams didn’t want to direct Ep8, but Disney managed to convince him to write the script (with someone else directing) then at least there would be a consistency to the whole trilogy.

I was so glad we didn’t have to guess if they lived happily ever after, but still so unnecessary.

what are you talking about nope? the previous movie literally ended with rey being a nobody. they changed their mind for this one, everything was half assed. there was no over arching story and themes over the three movies. no vision. it was a lazy cash grab

Haters gun hate on JJ, but I personally think if he was given the helms of all three, we would’ve at least seen some kind of theme and story.

I think the reason they got rid of the original director for number 9 was Johnson screwed with the existing story arc so much in 8. They had a plan, but deviated because Johnson wanted to shake everything up. He did, but at the expense of both 7 and 9. 9 did about as well as could have been done, and actually makes 7 and 8 better.



Debatable but understandable

Almost, sure.